• Mesquite Building

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Mesquite Building Case Study

Mesquite Building, a Multi-tenant Office/Warehouse Complex

Size: 81,545 SF (1.87 acres)
Type of Project: Multi-tenant office/warehouse complex
Lease Type: Tenant lease
Construction budget: $1.6 million, including TI’s
Time in design: 4 months
Construction time: 10 months
Completed: May 2011
Jobs Created: 18 (tenant employment)


Fully customized flex space bays that can be combined

  • The only leasable space of this kind in the Maricopa area
  • Conveniently located for businesses serving both Maricopa & Casa Grande
  • Attractive lease rates for small businesses
  • In the first year, the building was constructed and fully leased
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What do our tenants say?

I loved that the space was PERFECT for my business! For a new business starting out, the price was affordable, and terms doable for us. We could not have made this dream a reality anywhere else.

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