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Hickman’s Family Farms Case Study

Hickman’s Family Farms

Like the Ak-Chin Indian Community, Hickman’s has a deep respect for the environment and is dedicated to long-term sustainability. This made Hickman’s a perfect fit for Santa Cruz Commerce Center and created a unique opportunity for the two entities to forge a mutual relationship that benefits both entities. In this arrangement, Hickman’s procures feed for its flocks from Ak-Chin Farms from the crops grown at Ak-Chin while the Farms use the chicken waste from Hickman’s as fertilizer for growing its crops. Creative solutions like this is just one the ways Ak-Chin sets itself apart from the competition.

Hickmans-aerial-logoSize: 1,417,390 SF (approx. 35.33 acres)
Type of Project: Industrial – Egg Ranch Processing Plant & Hen Houses
Lease Type: Build-to-suit
Construction budget: $7.5 million
Time in design: 120 days
Construction time: 10 months
Completed: August 2003
Jobs Created: 58


With its expansion to Santa Cruz Commerce Center, Hickman’s has grown to be one of the nation’s largest and most successful egg farms. Initial construction included:

  • 130,200 SF for 4 poultry houses
    for 1,200,000 laying hens
  • 10,000 SF for egg
    processing plant
  • 10,000 SF cold storage
  • 10,000 SF dry storage
  • 3,000 SF office

The Ak-Chin Industrial Park Board implemented the following improvements to the Hickman’s site in the industrial park:

  • Expanded water lines and sanitary sewer lines
  • Provided potable water acceptable for consumption by the laying hens and processing eggs
  • Extended power lines to provide electrical service
  • Constructed and improved street and access roads
  • February 2005-added 40,000 SF for 5th poultry house

With its lease renewal in 2014, expansion included:

  • Approx. 90,000 SF for 2 additional poultry houses
  • Completed July 2014
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What does our tenant say?

With a shared heritage in farming, Ak-Chin and Hickman’s have cultivated a strong partnership. In an environment committed to product excellence, long-term environmental sustainability, and high standards for food safety, our business has been able to grow and expand.

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