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How to Improve Business Relationships with Native Americans

Before traveling to any foreign country, it is prudent to learn how that country’s culture and business practices differ from your own. The same is true when you seek to establish a business relationship with a Native American tribe. There are 22 federally recognized tribes in Arizona and each one operates like its own country. […]

Native American Tribes Do Not All Operate the Same with Economic Development

At a recent economic development meeting, I heard a site selector say that he had conducted a research project for an Arizona Native American tribe to compare its competitive advantages to off-reservation locations. Even though the research showed that the benefits of locating a business on the reservation — better lease rates, better utility rates, […]

A Forward-Thinking Focus on Infrastructure Builds Tribes’ Economic Stability

Right now, infrastructure is a hot issue that is being discussed by city, county and even country leaders. That’s because government officials and policymakers know that sufficient infrastructure has always been a key factor in attracting and retaining business interests. Tribal leaders are also concerned about infrastructure, but their focus is not just on obsolescence; […]

Water plays a key role in economic development for Native American communities

Managing water resources here in the arid Southwest has always been an issue. For the most part, annual rainfall and runoff from snowpack in the mountains have never been enough by themselves to meet the demand of burgeoning economic activity and ever-growing populations, even before the recent drought and climate change began to impact the […]

The advantages of locating a commercial building on Native American land

When looking for new sites, food processing facilities typically want to be in operation in 6-12 months. To reduce the time involved, companies often limit their search to sites with existing buildings that can be retrofitted, but may be less than ideal in the long-term. Concentrating a site search only on conventional locations may lead […]